transplant unit (ward 206t)

Transplant Unit (Ward 206T) Information

Ward 206T is a 20 bedded Transplant Unit is managed by Senior Charge Nurse Sam Slight. 

Under their guidance you will receive a high standard of care in a safe, clean environment. This care is provided in a friendly, open environment which supports and encourages questioning from patients and relatives alike.

Visiting Ward 206T Update

As of Monday 26 April, each patient can now have at least one designated visitor where circumstances allow. We want to balance person centered approaches with safety as we move forward and therefore ask that you follow our guidance below. 

  1. We will work with you and our patients to establish a visiting plan.
  2. To ensure that there are not high numbers of people in multi-bedded rooms we are offering a booking system, please arrange a time to visit.
  3. Please do not visit if you have COVID symptoms or have been identified as a contact of someone who is.
  4. On arrival please check-in with a member of the ward team who will make sure that it is safe to visit.
  5. Each patient should have a designated visitor (this can be changed throughout the stay if required), this will be flexible and maybe more than one person in situations where patients are nearing end of life, for patients with dementia, for children who to visit or for those who can't visit independently.
  6. You must wear a face covering during your visit and follow infection control guidance.
  7. We want to ensure that our patients have close contact with you during the visit, therefore holding hands is permitted but you must adhere to hand hygiene requirements, however there is no requirement to wear gloves.
  8. During outbreaks we may need to amend our guidance to maintain safety.
  9. Physical distancing should be adhered to in communal areas of the hospital.
  10. The name and contact details of those visiting will be kept should we need to inform test and protect.

Thank you for following our guidance and helping keep everyone safe.

The ward is made up of four single rooms and four four-bedded rooms. The single rooms are currently being used for isolation for infection control purposes. The four-bedded rooms are same-sex rooms and have en-suite facilities per room (shower and toilet).

Ward Rounds are daily and you will be seen by a team of doctors, nurses and other staff such as pharmacists, dieticians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and research staff.


Infection prevention

We are doing our best to reduce the spread of infection and you can help us with this.

Infection can be spread from person to person by hand contact so hand washing is one of the ways to prevent spread of infection. Please ask all those touching you to wash their hands. Please also ask friends/relatives not to visit if they have a cold or are not feeling well.

To prevent spread of infection we also ask that visitors do not sit on patient beds/chairs and instead use visitor chairs provided.


Valuing feedback

We welcome all forms of feedback; we are keen to hear what went well and importantly, how we can improve the care and services that we provide.

There are questionnaires you can complete if you wish. Please speak to the senior charge nurse or their deputy if you have any concerns.

What should I bring with me when I am admitted as an inpatient?
Bring all medications, comfy night clothes, socks & change of underwear, comfortable casual clothing to wear, phone and charger, glasses, toiletries including toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, and hairbrush.

You may wish to bring something to read or watch to keep yourself entertained such as books, magazines, and/or tablets. Bring a small amount of cash. We do not advise bringing large sums of cash, valuables or large suitcase.

Am I allowed visitors?
Visitors are allowed though current COVID restrictions apply. We currently allow one visitor per patient per day at an allocated time which must be arranged with a member of staff. If you would like to see someone outwith your designated person then you can leave the ward and meet them off the ward.

When can I have visitors?
Visitors can visit usually anytime within reason i.e. daytime, outwith patient mealtimes. The current COVID situation means you will visitors will be allocated a visiting slot.

Call the ward (0131 242 2068/9) for up to date information as COVID is a rapidly changing situation.   

When are patient meal times?
Breakfast is served from 7:30 am, lunch is served from 12 noon, and dinner is served from 5:00 pm.  

Money and valuables
We cannot be held responsible for any valuables you bring into hospital which are not handed in for safe keeping. We recommend that you keep only a small amount of money on you in hospital and ask family/friends to take valuables home.
When can I visit the Transplant Unit?
Visiting is allowed though COVID restrictions apply.

We currently allow one designated visitor per patient during their admission. A designated visitor is allowed to visit for one hour per day and this must be booked in advance by a member of staff. Please do not visit the ward if you are unwell, have any cold or flu symptoms, or are displaying COVID symptoms.

You must wear a mask throughout your visit and supply a copy of your contact details before you leave. Please ensure you maintain good hand hygiene either by washing your hands using soap and water or hand sanitiser.

Am I allowed to bring anything for my relative/friend?
You can bring snacks, drinks, reading materials, clean clothes or nightwear, and toiletries. Please be cautious that we do not have a lot of storage space.

Please do not bring flowers into the ward, or food that needs to be reheated as we are unable to do this. Fans are not allowed on the ward due to COVID restrictions.
Location of Ward 206 Transplant

Ward 206T is located on the second floor of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

If entering the Royal Infirmary by the main door, take the lifts up to the second floor. Turn left towards Wards 205-209. There are signs which should help you. The entrance to the ward is on the left.

Contacting Ward 206 Transplant

If phoning the ward to enquire about your relative or to arrange a visit, please avoid phoning at handover times (7:30 am to 8:00 am; 19:30 pm to 20:00 pm) and patient meal times.

Ward 206 Transplant Telephone Numbers:

0131 242 2068

0131 242 2069