The UK Living Kidney Sharing Scheme (UKLKSS) is a UK-wide kidney exchange programme in which donor-recipient pairs who are incompatible by blood type or human leukocyte antigen (HLA) type can participate to achieve a compatible or better matched transplant with a greater chance of successful outcome.

The UKLKSS includes paired/pooled donation and altruistic donor chains initiated by non-directed altruistic donors.

See the figure below to see how the UKLKSS works.

Figure from Organ Donation and Transplant (ODT).
Paired/Pooled Donation

Incompatible donor-recipient pairs register with UKLKSS.

When two pairs are matched this is called “paired” donation; when more than two pairs is involved, it is called “pooled” donation.

Compatible donor-recipients can register with the scheme to achieve better HLA or age match.

Non-directed Altruistic Donation

Non-directed altruistic donation involves a person volunteering to donate a kidney anonymously to a recipient on the waiting list.

This type of donation can initiate an altruistic donor chain of up to three transplants or is allocated to a recipient with higher priority for transplant.

Looking for more information?

For more information about the UKLKSS, please have a look at the UK Living Kidney Sharing Scheme – Your Questions Answered booklet.