Useful Websites

You can find more information about becoming a living donor at the Organ Donation Scotland website and on the NHS Organ Donation website.

Helpful Booklets and Leaflets

The following booklets and leaflets were made to help answer some questions you may have about living kidney donation, whether you are the recipient or a potential live kidney donor.

  • Let’s Talk About Transplant
    • This leaflet aims to help you start the conversation of living kidney donation and answer some questions you, your family, and your friends may have.
  • Information about becoming a living kidney donor – leaflet
    • This leaflet is a general introduction to living kidney donation. You will find it helpful to look at other resources before making a decision.
  • Information about becoming a living kidney donor – booklet
    • This booklet contains additional information not found in the leaflet. Topics covered in this booklet include:
      • Donating a kidney to a child
      • Risks
      • Surgery and recovery
      • Practical considerations.
    • It also contains a glossary to explain some technical terms that are contained in the booklet or you may have come across elsewhere whilst doing your research about living kidney donation.

Information for Potential Live Kidney Donors

Living Kidney Donor Health Questionnaire

The medical team need to know your health and will ask you to complete the Living Kidney Donor Health Questionnaire. This must be completed by any potential living kidney donors once they have had a chance to read through all the relevant information. Please reutrn this to the Live Donor Kidney Transplant Coordinators as soon as possible.

Reimbursement of Expenses for Living Donors

There is a scheme for reimbursement of reasonable expenses relating to living donation. This is a useful resource for living donors who may lose earnings and other relevant expenses because of the organ donation.

The Living Kidney Donor – Reimbursement of Expenses fact sheet includes information about how much reimbursement you may be entitled to including travel, accommdation, and other expenses.

Once you have read all the relevant information, please complete the Claim for Reimbursement of Expenses for Living Donors and give it your co-ordinator for signature and submission. Please attach all supporting evidence to this claim form.

Discharge Information for Living Kidney Donors

Our aim is for you to return to your health prior to donation and to do this there are some things you must do and others you must avoid doing for a few weeks post-donation.

The Discharge Information Booklet for Living Kidney Donors contains information which will support you getting back to your full health. It includes information about recovery, diet and exercise, wound care, medication and side-effects,and what to expect from the follow-up clinics.