Home cooking

Cooking is a great way to spend your time – plus you get a delicious home-cooked meal or treat at the end of it!

Our staff have provided some of their tried and tested recipes for you to try at home. These recipes are easy to follow and need only a few ingredients.

Simple Soups

Soups are a great way to get your 5 a day in. They are also easy to adapt and you can’t really go wrong. If you don’t like something, take it out or swap it for something else. Use leftover veg and meat to make a hearty broth.

Easy Dinners

Be creative with your meals. Add any leftover vegetables to a pasta sauce to get in your 5 a day.

Sweet Treats

It’s great to have a wee treat now and again with a cup of tea. Made with a few store cupboard essentials, these recipes are recipes are sure to be a hit!