Whilst it might be easy to sit in front of the television, it’s important to keep yourself mentally and physically active during this time. Setting aside time for other activities may make you feel better, take your mind off distressing events, and may help you feel less lonely.

The best thing we can all do is keep in touch with each other via phonecalls, video calls, texts, and email. We’re very luckly to live in a world with the technology that is available to us. Make sure to use it.

Individual activities

Setting aside time for yourself to focus on something can help create a sense of calm and enjoyment.

  • Do your favourite hobbie or pick up a new one
    • Doing a familiar hobbie may help create a calm atomsphere. Trying something new will challenge yourself and what your capable of.
  • Jigsaw puzzles
    • You can always rely on a jigsaw puzzle to make time go by. They are great if you want a project for yourself or with members in your household.
  • Learn something new
    • Try out a new recipe or enroll in a free course. The Open University has many free courses available on their OpenLearn Website.
  • Read a book or listen to an audiobook
    • Sit near an open window to let in fresh air as you enjoy some quiet time with a story.
  • Play a musical instrument
    • Try setting aside a bit of time to practice each day. Open your window and play to your neighbours – they may enjoy a free concert!

Group activities in the same household

If you’re part of a household, getting together and doing a group activity can help improve everyones mood.

  • Get your board games out
    • Set aside an afternoon or evening a week to play a board game. Just be sure not to be a bad winner or a sore loser!
  • Play a game of cards
    • Cards are great for groups of different sizes. Even if it’s a simple game of Snap or a round of Hearts! 

Activities to keep in touch with people outside your household

Keeping in touch with the family and friends you don’t live with is important.

Here are a few ways to stay social whilst staying apart.

  • Phone or video call them
    • If you’re after a conversation or are feeling lonely, give your friends and family members a call. Keep each other updated with how you’re doing and what you’re doing.
    • See if you can arrange a call to check in with each other regularly.
  • Host a virtual quiz night
    • Make up a quiz you can do over a video call. You’ll be kept busy coming up with questions to ask and you might learn something new too.
    • See if you can make it a weekly or fortnightly event to look forward to and keep spirits up!
  • Have your dinner “together”
    • Arrange to eat your dinner or another meal at the same time whilst you video call each other.
    • It might make mealtimes more enjoyable as you chat with someone over your meal.